Justin Holmes

I do a fair bit of speaking at conferences, colleges, and festivals. Here's a smattering of talks from the past decade, in reverse chronological order:
"Off-devcon" 2018
NuCypher and the cryptology of proxy re-encryption (with music)
PyCon 2016
#RoadTripToPyCon - a story of PyCon across the USA
hendrix demo (Django-NYC @ Buzzfeed) - December 2015
A live demo of async network traffic with Django and hendrix.
Mesh Networking Q&A @ Porcupine Festival 2014
Brian Sovryn, Paige Peterson and myself talk about its implications for liberty and network traffic.
Django News Podcast @ PyCon 2014
Elena Williams had me on her show for a half hour radio interview about some of my contributions to Django.
DjangoCon 2014
'Django Unsetting'd' - Why the Django LazySettings object sucks
Interview on Slice of New Paltz, 2012
I did a half-hour interview with Don Kerr about our tech collective and the local technology scene in New Paltz, NY.
DjangoCon 2012
Possibly (and strangely) the programming talk which people most often bring up to me: a "lightning song" about django.contrib.auth.models.User to the tune of "Big Rock Candy Mountain."
DjangoCon 2012
'Why the Django Community Sucks' - note, the 'sucks' talk is a tradition in the Django community. I really love the Django community, but I did find a few good bones to pick. Naturally, with a talk this sensitive, I took some liberty at the beginning disclaiming,
SUNY New Paltz, March 2012
A Q&A session about Higher Education Politics and Technology
Free Software and Drug Policy Reform, Drug Policy Alliance Conf 2009
A 10-minute talk outlining the ways in which free software advocacy and drug policy reform stem from teh same underlying set of ideas.
Debate for Town Judge, November 2007
I ran for Town Judge while I was in college. Why not?